This year's theme focuses on plastics pollution in the oceans. Art, science, and advocacy categories offer prizes for students and teachers in grades 9-12. Read more...


SEAD to join STEAMConnect conference

STEAMConnect, in collaboration with STEAM Site Sponsor, Qualcomm Incorporated, will host its first-ever STEAM Conference on Friday, March 28 in San Diego, California. The conference is expected to attract a broad range of attendees from a network of more than 750 students, teachers, administrators, nonprofits, business leaders and policymakers from southern California who are engaged in STEAM, which includes science, technology, engineering, arts and math. "Our goal for this conference is to rally San Diego and southern California around the concept of STEAM, how it fits into the larger educational and economic landscape, and to dig deeper into questions surrounding STEAM," said Kim Richards, co-founder of STEAMConnect. Read more...


gadgITERATION at the STEAM pavilion, USA Science & Engineering Festival, Washington DC

GadgITERATION New York and Oceans Awareness will offer learning experiences for young people focusing on recycling and plastics pollution in the oceans.



Media Systems workshop videos

Media Systems led by PI Noah Wardrip-Fruin, seeks to catalyze major progress in how we create and understand the computational systems that drive interactive media. The Media Systems workshop convened a set of field leaders who have been working across the boundaries of media-focused computer science, the digital humanities, and the digital arts. This was supported by an unprecedented group of partners: the National Science Foundation, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Endowment for the Arts, and both Microsoft Research and Microsoft Studios. Speakers included Ian Horswill, Nick Montfort, Ian Bogost, Mary Lou Maher, Anne Balsamo, and Fox Harrell. See the blog...



Research and Creative work: White Papers Report

The White Papers Working Group has completed an analysis of all White Papers to inform future SEAD network planning. We welcome you to read and comment on the analysis on the SEAD blog.

Download Volume I, Report Synthesis, and Volume II, Meta-analyses, abstracts, and White Papers