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Bill Seaman


Bill Seaman


Professor, Duke University; member of Duke Institute of Brain Sciences; researcher in Visual and Media Studies
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Bill Seaman, an internationally known media artist, scholar, and media researcher, has had over thirty major installation works and commissions around the world, a dozen solo exhibitions, and numerous performance collaborations, video screenings, and articles/essays/reviews in books and catalogues. His work often explores an expanded media-oriented poetics through various technological means. More recently he has been exploring notions surrounding "Recombinant Informatics" — a multi-perspective approach to knowledge production. He has been commissioned on a number of occasions. He is currently working on a series of art/science collaborations — poetic installations, scientific research papers, and a book in collaboration with the scientist Otto Rössler surrounding the concept of Neosentience. This research includes the modeling and long-term production of an Electrochemical Computer. He is also collaborating with artist/computer scientist Daniel Howe on multiple works exploring AI and creative writing/multi-media and completing an album of experimental music with Howe entitled Minor Distance. He is developing a new VR work and undertaking interface research with Todd Berreth; is exploring the creation of a transdisciplinary relational database / search engine project entitled "The Insight Engine"; has begun discussions with Thom LaBean on nano-scale computational/sensing research; is collaborating with John Supko on a new generative audio work; and is working with Gideon May and Rachel Brady on re-articulating "The World Generator / The Engine of Desire" a virtual world-building system.


Highlighted project
A China Of Many Senses Generative Version with Todd Berreth (2011) - Generative work of image, 3D, poetic text and music shot in China. RadioSeaman Paste into itunes (Advanced/open audio streams) for internet radio.


Work environment and institutional setting
Bill is a professor at Duke University, a member of Duke Institute of Brain Sciences and a researcher in Visual and Media Studies. He collaborates internationally on works of Art and Science.