National Science Foundation, Grant No. 1142510, IIS, Human Centered Computing.
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Daragh Byrne


Daragh Byrne


XSEAD Developer/Designer; Carnegie Mellon University


Daragh Byrne defended his PhD at Dublin City University (DCU) in August 2011, and also holds a M.Res. degree in Design and Evaluation of Advanced interactive Systems from Lancaster University and a BSc in Computer Applications from DCU. He has additionally published over 30 scientific papers and the majority of his work is situated within the lifelogging domain, or the capture of personal experience through digital means. His doctoral work focused on the creation of personal digital stories from long-term multimodal lifelog content.


Highlighted project
Daragh’s doctoral work focused on the narration of past personal experience amassed through digital technologies – or lifelogging. Lifelogging tools can be used to collect digital artifacts continuously and passively throughout our day. These include visual content and images, digital documents, emails and webpages accessed; texts messages and mobile activity. Within this research investigation, three long-term large-scale collections were amassed to facilitate exploration and a human-centered approach to designing an appropriate solution was undertaken. In concert with users from a variety of domains and inspired by probative studies conducted into current practices of curation, tool support for the narration of past experience was designed. The resulting tool provides computational support to an author and enables the organization and transformation of data sampled from an individual’s day-to-day activities into a coherent narrative account. The tool, known as Orison, employs a 2- dimensional spatial framework as rich fabric for its storytelling platform. The investigation explored the construction of narrative with each of the collection owners yielded qualitative and quantitative insights into such digital narratives and their generation, composition and construction.